Arinze Nwadiogbu

Bureau Services Senior Specialist

As Bureau Services Senior Specialist, Arinze assists members and colleagues in delivering technical support to promote best practices in credit reporting. Arinze will use his expert knowledge to help CBA members and their clients build credit by managing credit report disputes and ensuring accurate information. Arinze brings valuable personal and professional experience to CBA. He most recently worked as a personal banker at a major regional bank where he helped clients make loans for personal and car purchases, refinances, home equity lines of credit, and personal and business credit cards. He also worked with clients to best utilize their bank accounts while educating and advising, whether it was their first account or asset management. Arinze brings a unique insight to CBA, having worked directly with clients. Arinze is extremely excited to continue working in financial literacy and develop new ways to help people improve their credit and lives moving forward.

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