CBA Reporter

CBA Reporter offers a comprehensive solution for nonprofits to report loan data to consumer reporting agencies.

Nonprofit lenders can report micro and small business loans, consumer loans, and mortgages to the major Consumer Reporting Agencies to build personal credit.

CBA provides hands-on customer service and technical assistance to CBA Reporter members, serving as a unique and vital link to the credit bureaus, advancing their joint responsibility and commitment to report consumer data accurately and appropriately.

We currently collaborate with all three major consumer reporting agencies:

For access to consumer-permissioned data:

Benefits of CBA Reporter!

Each monthly payment becomes an opportunity to build positive credit history. This can then help borrowers secure more affordable financial products, access to housing, and encounter fewer barriers.

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Examples of Eligible Organizations:

  • Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Loan Funds, including Native CDFIs

  • Micro-enterprise and small business development organizations

  • Organizations offering lending circles, employer-based loan products, and other small dollar consumer loans for specific populations or purposes

  • Small Credit Unions, including Community Development Credit Unions and Minority-Designated Credit Unions

  • Mortgage lenders, including Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

  • State, city, or county agencies, including tribal governments

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