LexisNexis RiskView™ is the leading alternative credit risk management tool in the industry. RiskView™ uses a variety of different types of information, not typically found on a credit report, to provide businesses with insights about how a consumer might manage new contracts or financial products.

Drawing on public records and multiple proprietary data sources, RiskView™ Solutions provides you with a greatly enhanced understanding of the risk, scoring, profitability potential and credit worthiness of your customers and prospects.

CBA has partnered with LexisNexis to offer RiskView™ Report access at a discount to CBA Members. This product offers:

  • Access to industry's most widely used alternative credit report
  • Permissible purposes include consumer education and underwriting
  • Discounted report pricing
  • Waived implementation and setup fees
  • Implementation and credentialing support from CBA experts
  • Dedicated product and customer support from LexisNexis experts.

Why consider RiskView™?

RiskView™ is different from mainstream credit scores that use traditional financial information to evaluate consumer risk. Unlike traditional credit scores, RiskView™ evaluates risk for consumers even if they do not have a traditional credit profile, using alternative data and information, and creates a credit score for approximately 80% of the unscorable population with thin or no traditional credit files.

In addition, with the consumer protections brought about by the National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP), traditionally reported accounts, such as public record data, may no longer report to the credit bureaus. Yet, understanding a client's public record status is as critical as ever for underwriting loans. Consider using the RiskView™ report as a compliment to the credit report you may already pull, knowing that combined the two will provide a holistic picture of your client's financial history.

For more, check out our blog post co-authored with LexisNexis, Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using Alternative Data to Fill in the Blanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RiskView™ Report is designed to mirror a traditional credit report, ensuring ease of use and interpretation. At the start of the report, viewers will see a three-digit score (based on a 501-900 range, the higher the better) and an at a glance summary of what is inside the report.

Additional Resources

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