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Lender Benefits of Reporting

CBA administered a short survey in winter 2016 to all of its CBA Reporters about the benefits to their organizations and loan portfolios or reporting their borrowers’ loans. Click on the PDF file to the right to learn about the results.

We are glad to finally support the general intuition we’ve held over the years along with our CBA Reporters. Credit reporting has various positive impacts on the financial and operational business goals of those willing to invest the time and resources into the process. Once lenders can commit to this impactful decision, they are sure to receive a great return on investment as well as an economical way of building credit for their clients.

We at CBA would love to help any nonprofit lender achieve their operational goals and build credit for their clients. To learn more about how your nonprofit organization can benefit from reporting loans through CBA Reporter, please visit the Reporter section of our website or contact us at membership@creditbuildersalliance.org.

Listen to representatives from the Business Center for New Americans discuss their experience reporting to CBA: