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The Power of Rent Reporting Pilot

The Results Are In!

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Pilot overview

CBA’s Power of Rent Reporting Pilot, generously funded by the Citi Foundation, was designed to support and test a new credit building program meant to catalyze the power of rent reporting as a viable option for low-income affordable housing residents to build positive credit histories and financial capability. Together with a handful of trail-blazing affordable housing organizations, we are making history.

Over 39 million U.S. households — approximately 100 million people — live in rental housing. According to the 2012 Current Population Survey, 63% of these households earn less than $35,000 annually and 41% earn less than $20,000 annually. As a result, many households may struggle to pay their rent on time. Making late housing payments can damage the credit of renters and homeowners alike. However, historically only homeowners have been able to build positive credit through on-time mortgage payments. Now renters can too.

How can your organization get involved with Rent Reporting for Credit Building?

Contact us at programs@creditbuildersalliance.org for more information