Claire Milldrum


Training and Curriculum Development Senior Specialist

Claire (she/hers) joined CBA in Spring 2022 as Training and Curriculum Development Senior Specialist in order to help with the growth of the Training Institute. She focuses on developing materials to support the community, as well as hosting trainings. Claire comes from a member of CBA, MCCD, as a Operations Specialist. There she focused on technology implementation, inclusive program design, and improving processes to allow for the best experience of staff. Before this role, she was the organization’s Loan Program Associate, running the Credit Building Loan Program. She became a Master Trainer with CBA in 2020, and was able to use that knowledge to support the Small Business Development Team. Before this, Claire worked in Libraries and Museums.
Claire graduated from Wellesley, a historically womens’ college near Boston in 2015. There she studied Peace and Justice, Art History and Spanish.
When not working on financial inclusion issues and training, Claire is found biking the mountain bike trails and streets of Minneapolis, and caring for her dog Ava and cat Jean.

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