Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) supports mission-driven housing providers to develop and implement rent reporting initiatives through the provision of training, technical assistance, and CBA-Esusu Rent Reporter—a turnkey platform for reporting rental payments to the credit bureaus.

What is Rent Reporting? Regular monthly reporting of tenant rent payments to at least one of the major consumer credit bureaus for inclusion on consumer credit reports.

What is Rent Reporting for Credit Building? The pairing of rent reporting with credit/financial coaching and/or education and asset building programs for the purpose of supporting residents to build credit as a foundational asset and leverage improved credit to achieve financial goals.

Why offer Rent Reporting?

Unlike homeowners, renters historically have not gotten ‘credit’ on their credit reports for making their monthly housing payments. Renters are seven times more likely to have a minimal credit history that is deemed unscorable by the credit bureaus compared to homeowners. Many have limited opportunities to build credit history which directly impacts their ability to get and stay ahead in today’s economy.

Reporting rental payments is a proven strategy that offers low-income renters an opportunity to build credit as a financial asset without taking on additional debt. Find out more about the impact that rent reporting has had on the credit scores of affordable housing resident across the country by reading our white paper The Power of Rent Reporting Pilot.