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Judith's Emergency Savings Account

A Rent Reporting for Credit Building Success Story

By: James Parker, Resident Services Manager, AHC Greater Baltimore

Judith's Emergency Savings Account

Judith was the victim of identity theft. She went to the resident services team at AHC Greater Baltimore after being served with court papers for a $9,000 debt. Judith is a 59-year-old widow and lives on $1,200 per month from her husband’s pension. She was in a panic and seeking help.

The resident services team was able to assist Judith by pulling her credit reports and helping her to initiate an investigation. Together, they were able to identify old bills that were unresolved and track the source of the identity theft. Her identity had been compromised after a visit to a dishonest cell phone provider. Judith’s research allowed her to go to court and get the case against her dismissed. By removing the fraudulent debts from her credit report, Judith improved her credit history, which allowed her to reduce her monthly car insurance premium. With the money she saved because of her lower insurance payments, Judith opened a savings account and began saving money to put toward badly needed car repairs.

Judith hopes to own a home again one day and understands that she needs to continue building her credit to make that goal a reality. Judith enrolled with WilliamPaid during AHC Greater Baltimore’s May 2014 campaign, and her rent payments were reported to Experian RentBureau starting the next month. She was reluctant to enroll with WillaimPaid at first because of negative experiences with online bill pay. Judith worried that there would be a delay in the processing of her rent payments, which could result in late fees or even an eviction notice. But her trust in the resident services team gave her the confidence and encouragement to enroll with rent payment processor and reporter, WilliamPaid. She hasn’t had any difficulties since enrolling with WilliamPaid and she’s now comfortable enough to manage her account independently. Judith now has modest savings for emergencies and a higher credit score – making her less reliant on the predatory lenders she had turned to in the past.