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Hiba’s Pursuit of New Opportunities

A Rent Reporting for Credit Building Success Story

By: Alex Browder, Operations Manager / Counsel, Commonwealth Land Trust

Hiba’s Pursuit of New Opportunities

Hiba has been a resident in Commonwealth Land Trust’s family housing since 2009. After speaking about the rent reporting pilot program with staff, she saw signing up to have her rent payments reported to Experian RentBureau as an ideal way to build credit. She had already started taking steps toward establishing credit, including getting her first credit card. Hiba told staff that she was particularly interested in the program because it provided a way to build credit without having to worry about another monthly bill.

Hiba wanted to build credit to increase opportunities for herself and her five children. Originally from Sudan, she and her family have put down strong roots in Boston. Although she has been a longtime renter, she would like to have the option of pursuing homeownership one day. Hiba would like to build credit to support her children as they continue through school and begin to consider college in Boston. With good credit established, she can help them move toward their goals by being able to cosign for an apartment, a car, or an educational loan. She told staff, “It’s important to have credit to plan for the best future.” Looking ahead, she’s optimistic that her efforts to build her credit will create more possibilities for her family.

Since enrolling in the program, Hiba has already begun to receive more offers to establish credit, and she considers them discerningly. She has made plans to check her credit regularly to monitor improvement and set goals for progress.