Financial Capability Experts and Tools in One Place

The Financial Clinic (the Clinic) and Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) have formed a strategic partnership to enhance the financial security work of the organizations each serves.



The Clinic’s is an all-in-one platform that enables nonprofit organizations and public agencies to incorporate powerful financial coaching strategies into their programs.
*CBA members receive a 50% annual membership discount on a Community subscription, one free user license added to Basic and Enterprise Change Machine packages, and 50% off of a license to the whole platform for CBA Members that sign up before the end of 2015 (est. $354 savings)! *

CBA Access, Reporter, and Business Reporter enable nonprofits to access credit reports, report loan data to major bureaus, and support individuals to build credit history.

Change Machine subscribers’ organizations receive a 50% CBA annual membership discount for the first year’s membership (total savings of of $157.50), 25% off of the annual membership (total savings of $78.75/year) and $100 off set-up fee for any CBA service (CBA Access, CBA Reporter, and CBA Business Reporter) as long as you remain a Change Machine subscriber!


  • The Financial Clinic is a nonprofit whose mission is to build the financial security of working poor Americans through an ecosystem of strategies that includes direct service, capacity building with other nonprofits, and systems-level solutions and social innovations.
  • Credit Builders Alliance is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofits that help low- and moderate-income households build strong credit and other financial assets.