Shawna Collier

Chief Partnership Officer
St. Louis, MO

Shawna Collier is Chief Partnership Officer with Justine PETERSEN, a nationally recognized financial asset-building organization and a leader in credit building product and service innovation. A seasoned banking practitioner, Shawna’s career of almost 25 years has forever centered the interests of LMI and BIPOC populations, with the foundational belief in “transitioning people from poverty to prosperity.” As Chief Partnership Officer at Justine PETERSEN, a position uniquely created to optimize Shawna’s ability to understand communities at multiple levels, Shawna fosters a network of actors, stakeholders and influencers locally, regionally and nationally. Shawna is the first African-American to hold a senior position with Justine PETERSEN. A staunch community advocate and facilitator, Shawna is proud to serve on several boards of the Consumers Council of Missouri and St. Louis Venture Works. Shawna recently was honored as an “Unsung Hero” by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly.

Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

My view is empowering people to engage, develop, and implement new ideas inclusive for sustainability creating a more inclusive future for all!

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